Toul Tom Poung Market

Tuol Tom Poung Market

One of the more interesting places to visit in Phnom Penh is the Toul Tom Poung Market, otherwise known as the Russian Market. It has gained this name because when Cambodia first became a communist country in 1979, the nation quickly aligned with the then Soviet Union. The market was created with the help of the Soviet government and soon it gained its name as the Russian Market.

There are still some aspects of the early days that are seen in some of the goods that are sold. There are a lot of iron, cast iron, and other goods that come from Russia and have been sold here for over 35-years. This is not the only country where goods gain their origin from however.

You will find a large amount of stuff to buy here. Swiss watches, American clothes, and Japanese electronics are just a few of the things that you will find here from around the world, but there is also a large number of Cambodian made goods here as well.

Tuol Tom Poung Market russian market

One thing that really singles this market out from others in Cambodia’s capital city is that it caters a lot more toward tourists than the other markets do. While there are goods that the average citizen would buy as well, like cookware, there is still a large number of goods that are specifically designed to give tourists things that they would love to take home with them.

Here, tourists will find just about anything they would like, even if it is not a souvenir that they would like to give away as gifts. CDs, electronics, clothes, and furniture are all things that they may want more for themselves than for a gift for someone else. The jewelry is spectacular, as are the clothes that you can find here. Many also love that they can buy garments or material and have them altered or turned into a spectacular garment in just a day or two. It is truly amazing how talented the tailors are in this market, and you will find that you can have just about any garment altered or made from scratch.

There are great souvenir items here as well. Many of the local residents of the city are incredible craftsman as well, and you can get amazing statues and figurines, artwork, and other items that are great gifts for your friends and family. There are some spectacular house gifts, like clocks and paintings, and you will love watches you will find here. All of this comes at a price that you simply can’t beat anywhere on the planet.

Gifts and goods is not all that can be found here. There are magnificent restaurants and cafes here as well. Many enjoy the homemade ice cream that are made at the shops, and you can find just about any kind of cuisine you may be hungry for. While there are great Khmer style dishes you can find, there are also authentic Russian restaurants, you can get pizza, hamburgers, tacos, and much more. The food is truly spectacular.

So are the drinks. There are some great cafes where you can get coffee and other specialty warm drinks. There are also a few bars and smoothie shops you can find as well. No matter what you want to drink you can find it here.

This is a veritable buffet of goods to find, and is one of the most popular places for tourists to go because you can find just about anything you desire for a very reasonable cost. You must make the Tuol Tom Poung market a stop on your visit to Phnom Penh. You will be regretting it if you do not.