Silver Pagoda

silver pagoda ohnom penh

Located on the south side of the Royal Palace in Cambodia’s capital city, the Silver Pagoda is one of the most beautiful sites to visit for both tourists and the indigenous people of the country. The Silver Pagoda’s official name is Preah Vihear Preah Keo Morakot, which means “the Temple of the Emerald-Crystal Buddha.”

Located in Phnom Penh, this historic monument was the spot where the King came to worship each day. In fact, the king and his family held all of the royal ceremonies at this spot once it was built in the 1860s.

What makes it stand out from many of the other pagodas that are found around Cambodia is that this one does not have monks that live or regularly worship here. King Norodom, who is the nobleman who started the construction of the Royal Palace had studied the Buddhist faith for over a year in an attempt to become a monk, but diverted from this path. It is believed that out of deference to him that no other monk can take up residence at the location.

silverpagoda inside interior phnom penh

In this temple there are over 1,600 pieces of art that adorn the inside and the outside. The vast majority of them are of Buddhist figures that are important to the faith. Many are made of gold, silver or bronze, and a large number have diamonds or other jewels adorning them as well. Because the royal family saw this as their temple for many generations, they had adorned the figures with these jewels.