Phnom Penh, the capital city of Cambodia, is rapidly becoming one of the most popular tourist destinations on the planet to go to. People from all over the world come this tropical location that provides amazing warm temperatures, and a culture that is rich in history and tradition. It is truly an amazing place to visit.

One of the things that people love about coming to Phnom Penh is the amazing shopping that is available. Not only are there incredible places to go and find great goods, the quality and variety of what you can find here is truly amazing, and the costs are beyond reasonable.

Here are some of the great places that you can go to.

Central Market – In Cambodian this is called “PsarThmei” (the New Market), and is a fantastic Art Deco covered marketplace that has been around since the 1930s. This shopping plaza is located right near the Riverfront area, making it conveniently located for those who want to spend a day visiting the many tourist locations, but also want to spend some time shopping or just getting inside.

There is literally just about anything you could want to buy in the Central Market. It does not matter if you are looking for flowers, electronics, clothing, or even car parts, you will find just about anything you want here. This mall underwent a large number of renovations in the last decade, making it even more beautiful in its design.

Central Market phnom penh

O’Russey Market – this is one of the more popular markets with the indigenous people of the area. They sell lots of different items here, but that includes things that may not really work for a tourist, like bicycles and uniforms. The jewelry and clothing here is fantastic.

orussey-market phnom penh

Sorya Mall – This is a very popular mall in Phhom Penh, primarily because it has a very Western feel to it. It is very crowded here usually, but it is air conditioned and there are a huge number of stores here that offer items at a very inexpensive price. You can find virtually any kind of item at this mall, but be aware that it is not a fancy place. It is the most Western in its look, but it is not an extravagant mall by any stretch of the imagination.

One thing that many like about this mall is that the food court has a wide variety of restaurants to eat in. There are many different styles of cuisine, and the prices are really inexpensive. There is also a rather large supermarket here where you can get some great foods to take with you.

Sorya Mall phnom penh

City Mall – this is the newest Western-style mall in Phnom Penh. It is a three-story mall that has a lot of clothing stores and a supermarket in it as well. Here you will find a lot of clothing stores that have name brands for a very cheap cost, plus you will find a lot of knock-off clothing that is dirt cheap.

There are many great food places in here as well. The Japanese style restaurant on the third floor is absolutely spectacular, and there are some food court style places that are very tasty. Pizza is one of the best foods to get here, but there are cafes as well that you will love. This is becoming a lot more popular mall because it is more spacious and is located in a much more central location in the city.

city mall phnom penh

The Russian Market – built in the 1980s by the Russians when the country was still occupied by Vietnam, this is a fantastic place to visit, as you can find one of the most diverse array of goods in this market. There are a large number of Russian made goods that are found here as well as Cambodian made goods and crafts. But that is not all. There are goods from all over the world sold here, including Swiss watches, American clothing and styles, and many different kinds of Asian based goods. This is where you will find one of the best ice coffees you will ever eat, and is one of the busiest tourist areas. The costs are unbelievably low.

Tuol Tom Poung Market russian market

Olympic Market – this was built in 1994, and is another great location to find just about anything you could want. One thing that people really like about this market is that the Khmer style goods and clothing sold here are truly amazing. You will find one of the largest arrays of locally created goods of any place in the country. This is what helps to really attract tourists, but there are many other things to find here. This is a multi-story complex that is probably the most modern of all the market complexes in the city. While the Central Market has been renovated, it does not have as modern of a look as this.

Olympic Market phnom penh