Riverfront Park

riverfront park phnom penh

In virtually every city that you could visit on the planet where there is a major river that travels near or through that city, you can pretty much guarantee that there will be a Riverfront Park. Cambodia’s capital city of Phnom Penh is not the exception.

They, too, have a beautiful park that is along the shores of where three different rivers, the Mekong, Bassac, and Tonle Sap come together, making for a quite unique riverfront park to say the least. Add in the history and culture that comes along with Cambodia and this is a truly amazing place to say the least.

There are many things to like about Riverfront Park in Phnom Penh. It begins with the fact that you can enjoy the cultural diversity that has occurred in the city over the centuries. There is not only the historic looking architecture of the Angkorian period that is visible, but you also have French Colonial mansions and other structures that can be seen as well. This makes for a very appealing area to walk.

Along the Riverwalk area are a whole set of small shops and market places where you can find some incredible shops to buy just about anything you are looking for. The carvings, sculptures, paintings, and jewelry are really something to behold, and the price is beyond words. You can find a whole lot of different items that appeal to both tourists and the local citizens of the area.

riverfront park phnom penh 2

There are several great attractions near the park as well. You are a very short distance from the Royal Palace, the Silver Pagoda, and the National Museum, only adding to the majesty of this amazing place.

When you have three rivers converge in one place, the beauty of nature becomes the real star. While there are many manmade structures that are here to enjoy, it is the rivers and nature around it that really make this a sensational place to visit. You can swim and fish in the river, plus there are cruise ships that will take you out on the rivers to be able to see the park from the water. These tours head up each of the three converging rivers, giving you a grand look at the beauty of Cambodia.

One of the additional parts that draw many people to this area is the large amounts of Hindu and Buddhist sculptures and artifacts that are here. Because there are a large number of ways near Riverfront Park, there are also a large number of religious artifacts that can be found here as well. You can get a real taste at how Buddhism and Hinduism have had a mark on the overall culture of Cambodia, specifically within the city.

There are many great places to visit when you come to Phnom Penh, but this is one of the attractions you will surely not want to miss. You will find that no matter what time of day you wish to come here, there are great attractions and a fantastic climate that you will surely not want to miss.