Old market

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If you are visiting Phnom Penh, the capital city of Cambodia, and you want to find a place to shop that is absolutely beyond words, then the Old Market is the place you want to go for sure. With shops stretched across 13 streets, there is just about anything you wish to buy found here, and the price is something you will simply not believe.

The Old Market, also known as the Phsar Chas, literally has anything that you could imagine. It does not matter whether you are looking for fruits or vegetables, tailor made clothing, motorcycle parts, toys, hand crafted art, or even religious items, it can be found in this sprawling market.

The Old Market is found in the Old French Quarter section of Phnom Penh, which is located in the south part of the city. People from all over the world come to visit this market, and it is the most popular place to buy goods in all of south east Asia.

Things You Will Find Interesting in the Old Market

There are many blogs you will read that will tell you that the Old Market is not a great place for tourists, but they are sadly mistaken. Tourists love to visit this spot, primarily because of the hand-crafted goods and also because of the antiques and curios that can be found. The sculptures, paintings, and other creations are truly spectacular, and the cost is unbelievably low, especially considering the fine detail that goes into these goods. It is truly remarkable how small of a price you will pay for such work.

There are even amazing antiques that you can buy in some of these shops. These can include artwork, or they can include family heirlooms that are on sale. These are items you will likely not find anywhere else in the world.

old market phnom penh cambodia

If you are looking for clothing, electronics, jewelry or other items of this nature, there are literally hundreds of shops that are selling various goods for you to buy. Many have knockoff items that you can get for a tiny fraction of what you would pay for the original brand, and you can also find many second hand shops as well. There are shops that are selling authentic, brand name materials, but they are few and far between. Still, the prices in these places are extremely low.

Of course, there are many souvenir shops as well. You can get t-shirts, wallets, glasses, post cards, and all the other things that people love to buy and give away to their friends and family when they return from a vacation. There is literally something for anyone on your shopping list.

The restaurants and other places to find food offer a wide assortment of cuisine to fit any palate. You can find authentic Khmer dishes at some shops, as well as pizza, hamburgers, hot dogs, steak, and much more. There are Chinese restaurants, cafes and juice bars. You will also find a large number of little food stands where you can buy fresh food, like fruits and vegetables.

One of the things that people are surprised that you can find at the Old Market is massage parlors and places where you can hire a prostitute. The massage parlors offer simple massages all the way up to erotic types. Many escorts have rooms there at the Old Market where you can sample their wares, or you can hire and take back to your hotel room.

Just as a warning. The World Health Organization points out that 13 percent of prostitutes in Cambodia are HIV positive, so purchase at your own risk.