Independence Monument

independence monument phnom penh

Independence Monument is one of the most important national landmarks in the country of Cambodia. Since it was built in the country’s capital city of Phnom Penh, millions of people from around the world have come to see it.

A Little History

In 1953, the Cambodian government was able to extricate themselves from French rule, giving themselves independence for the first time in centuries. In 1958, the monument was built to commemorate that event. The monument is not only a huge national symbol of pride, but is included on the 100 riel banknote as well.

The monument is shaped like a lotus-shaped stupa. This is much in the same style that is seen in the amazing Angkor Wat temple that was created by the Khmer Empire when they ruled the land in the 13th century. There are other Khmer Empire stylings that are seen in the monument as well.

The Independence Monument was designed by a local boy. Vann Molyvann, a very influential and famous Cambodian architect created the design and monitored the construction as it was occurring.

When Is the Best Time to See It

Many national celebrations in Cambodia use the National Monument as the central location of their celebrations. A ceremonial flame is lit inside the interior pedestal that is found in the monument, and this site is used for a majority of the major celebrations, including all royal occasions and celebrations for high officials.

About Its Location

Located in the center of the capital city. This is one of the most special places not only because of its historical significance and the numerous festivals that originate here, but also because of its unique style. The monument is about 60 feet tall and is shaped like a lotus. While you are not allowed to enter into the monument, you can enjoy being in close proximity to it.

At night, the monument is lit up by a series of red, white, and blue lights, representing the colors of Cambodia’s flag. This not only inspires a sense of patriotism among the people, but is just a beautiful place to just stop and look at.

Located around the monument is a large open park. This is one of the most popular and most visiting places for tourists and local residents alike. It is located in the middle of a roundabout, meaning that virtually everyone passes it on a daily basis.

From the Royal Palace it is about a 10 minute walk to the park. There are many places to walk and just enjoy a wonderful afternoon near the monument. The park is filled with many incredible plants and there are also food places near it so you can have a little bite to eat while you walk around or just sit in the grass and enjoy a warm afternoon.

Also near the Independence Monument, there are some beautiful fountains that also make for a really impressive array around the monument. This monument was built to be a really impressive structure to celebrate the independence of the country as well as all those who have fought and died for Cambodia. It has become an amazing place for the people and a great symbol of the battles to make this a nation that is on the rise.

The two best days to show here are on Independence Day and Constitution Day. These two days the events and parades are something that has to be seen to believe. The streets are packed and the events that go on will leave you with a lot of great memories. The people truly love these events and you will too.