cambodia phnom penh mapPart of the reason why so many like to visit Phnom Penh is because of its location and geography. Found in south-central Cambodia, this area is surrounded by some of the most lush and beautiful tropical forest areas that one can find. Because of its location on the planet, this is a tropical region, so the plants and forestry are truly spectacular and it is warm year around.

The city is located right along the banks of three major rivers: the Tonle Sap, Mekong, and Bassac Rivers. These three rivers all provide fresh water to the area, and are the major source of drinking water as well as natural resources. There are a large number of fish that swim in this river, which is a primary food source, and there are also other parts to the river that play a large part in the economy of the city.

Because it rains in Phnom Penh, especially from May through October, this is a wet lands area. The land is amazing for growing crops, especially rice, which is the primary food source that is grown here. There are many fields and plantations dedicated to the growing of crops in and around the city.

The total size of the Phnom Penh is about 145 square miles, and is primarily a flatlands area. About 13 square miles of that is used for agriculture, and there are a series of irrigation channels that can be found leading from the rivers to the farms.

Because of the heavy amount of rain that occurs during the year and the flat lands that the city is known for, flooding is a real possibility here, especially in May through July when the rains are the heaviest. This can mean that a significant amount of the city is washed out by water, and can make for a more difficult trip should you be here to visit.

The three rivers are a huge geographical element to Phnom Penh. The Mekong River is the largest of the three, and the waters can be quite rapid. The river splits into a few different pathways before converging again on the other side of the city. There it is joined by the Tonle Sap and the Bassac Rivers before continuing to head south Two large bodies of water come off the rivers, and there are three lakes that are found in the city as well.

With the large amount of rainfall and the three rivers, water is a huge part of the city.